June 29, 2013

#Miedono (No fear)

Last year, Diego went to Manchester for a misterious job. Last week we found out what he did there: a short documentary on Chicharito Hernandez, the famous mexican soccer player. The documentary is actually an advertising campaign for Banamex, and its slogan is #Miedono (No fear).

Here is the video and some behind the scenes pictures:

 photo chicharito1-1.jpg  photo chicharito8.jpg  photo chicharito3.jpg  photo chicharito4.jpg

 photo chicharito6.jpg  photo chicharito5.jpg  photo chicharito2.jpg  photo chicharito7.jpg

Elysium full trailer

A new and longer trailer was released a couple of weeks ago.

Check it out:

June 11, 2013

Diego visits Morelos

Diego had a meeting with Morelo's governor Graco Ramirez last Thursday to talk about the possibility of shooting his next film, "Mr. Pig", there.

 photo Graco_Ramrez_cena_con_Diego_Luna_Residencia_Oficial_Cuernavaa_Junio_2013_2_ok.jpg  photo Graco_Ramrez_cena_con_Diego_Luna_Residencia_Oficial_Cuernavaa_Junio_2013_3.jpg  photo Graco_Ramrez_cena_con_Diego_Luna_Residencia_Oficial_Cuernavaa_Junio_2013_6.jpg  photo Graco_Ramrez_cena_con_Diego_Luna_Residencia_Oficial_Cuernavaa_Junio_2013_1.jpg

June 7, 2013

More pictures of Diego reading Howl

After his performance in Monterrey, Diego read Howl in Tijuana and Mexicali.

Here are some pictures:

 photo aullidomexicali15.jpg  photo aullidomexicali14.jpg  photo aullidomexicali13.jpg

 photo aullidomexicali11.jpg  photo aullidomexicali10.jpg  photo aullidomexicali8.jpg

June 1, 2013

Diego reads "Howl" at the San Pedro ArtFest

Diego read the famous Allen Ginsberg poem yesterday night at the San Pedro ArtFest in Monterrey, Mexico.

He looked hot!

 photo aullidomonterrey1.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey2.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey3.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey7.jpg

 photo aullidomonterrey9.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey10.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey11.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey13.jpg

 photo aullidomonterrey16.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey17.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey18.jpg  photo aullidomonterrey19.jpg