July 7, 2014

Ambulante CA

Help Diego, Gael and Canana to bring their documentary festival "Ambulante" to California! Here you can find all the information you need to help them:


Huge PLUS: For $150 you can hang out with Diego in Los Angeles!!! That`s right! If you pledge $150 or more you can attend a special party on September 20th (tentatively) in which Diego will be the guest of honor!

July 3, 2014

Diego`s new look!

Diego is back on the stage in Mexico City with his very successful play "Cada vez nos despedimos mejor". He started a new season last Saturday and he showed up sporting a new look:

 photo teatro-29jun14.jpg  photo teatro-29jun14-1.jpg

The Book Of Life

Hello everyone! We`re back with the amazing trailer of Diego`s new movie: The Book of Life! I`m sure this movie will be a great hit! Plus: Diego will be doing some singing on it!

May 17, 2014

Diego to star in Dylan Thomas biopic

Great news: Diego will star alongside John Malkovich and Rhys Ifans in a movie about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Post updated on July 3rd: Diego is no longer on this movie due to personal reasons.

Rhys Ifans will star as Welsh poet Dylan Thomas in indie drama “Dominion” with John Malkovich and Diego Luna. Richard Gladstein is producing. Steven Bernstein (“Decoding Annie Parker”) is directing from his own script with plans to start shooting in late May. The story will focus on the events surrounding the last days before his untimely death at the age of 39 in 1953 in New York, which included multiple visits to the White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village. Supporting cast includes Zosia Mamet (“Girls”), “Veep” star Tony Hale and Philip Ettinger.

Source: Variety

To celebrate this good news we have some new pictures of our boy from an interview he gave earlier this month:

 photo entrevistaefe01mai-4.jpg  photo entrevistaefe01mai-1.jpg  photo entrevistaefe01mai-2.jpg  photo entrevistaefe01mai-3.jpg

April 28, 2014

Cesar Chavez Press Conference in Mexico City

Diego alongside Rosario Dawson, John Malkovich and producer Pablo Cruz held a press conference today in Mexico City to present "Cesar Chavez" to the mexican press. The movie premieres in Mexico next Thursday, May, 1st.

 photo cc-df-1.jpg  photo cc-df-2.jpg  photo cc-df-4.jpg  photo cc-df-6.jpg

 photo cc-df-8.jpg  photo cc-df-10.jpg  photo cc-df-11.jpg  photo cc-df-14.jpg

 photo cc-df-16.jpg  photo cc-df-17.jpg  photo cc-df-20.jpg  photo cc-df-22.jpg

March 24, 2014

"Cesar Chavez" LA premiere

Last Thursday Diego and the cast of "Cesar Chavez" attended the movie premiere at the Chinese Theater in LA.

 photo LA-CC-2.jpg  photo LA-CC-1.jpg  photo LA-CC-6.jpg  photo LA-CC-4.jpg

 photo LA-CC-3.jpg  photo LA-CC-7.jpg  photo LA-CC-8.jpg  photo LA-CC-11.jpg

 photo LA-CC-14.jpg  photo LA-CC-12.jpg  photo LA-CC-10.jpg  photo LA-CC-13.jpg

"Cesar Chavez" promotion tour

Diego has been touring the US to promote his new movie "Cesar Chavez". He has been to Harvard, Berkeley, UCLA, UCI, SXSW Festival in Austin, Chicago, New York, Washington, Miami and even to the White House, where President Obama made a joke about not being able to screen "Y tu mama tambien" there due to its not so family-friendly content.

 photo chicago2.jpg  photo chicago4.jpg  photo chicago1.jpg

 photo sxsw14-1.jpg  photo sxsw14-3.jpg  photo sxsw14-6.jpg  photo sxsw14-7.jpg

 photo sxsw14-14.jpg  photo sxsw14-15.jpg  photo sxsw14-10.jpg  photo sxsw14-11.jpg

March 2, 2014

Independent Spirit Awards

Yesterday Diego attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, CA. He presented, alongside Rosario Dawson, the award for best international picture.

 photo ISA-1.jpg  photo ISA-4.jpg  photo ISA-5.jpg  photo ISA-2.jpg

 photo ISA-6.jpg  photo ISA-7.jpg  photo ISA-3.jpg

Impact Awards

On Friday, Diego received an Impact Award for his outstanding performance as a director for his new movie "Cesar Chavez". The Impact Awards are given by the hispanic press in the US for latinos who put the community name on a high level.

 photo impactawards-1.jpg  photo impactawards-2.jpg  photo impactawards-3.jpg  photo impactawards-4.jpg