October 28, 2013

Chavez trailer is out!!!

Diego's new movie as a director, "Cesar Chavez", has a trailer! The movie will hit American theaters on April, 4th, 2014. The trailer is amazing! So proud of our boy!

Source: Fandango.com

October 27, 2013

Morelia Film Festival

Last weekend Diego attended the Morelia Film Festival. On Saturday morning he recieved the Distinguished Guest award at the Morelia City Hall. Later, he attedend a special screening of Machete Kills 2 to film Robert Rodriguez for a tv show he is producing for Fusion, a new tv channel. On Sunday morning he had breakfast with Robert and later that day he attended Cinema 23 party.

He also announced that next year Ambulante, Canana's documentary festival, will have a California edition, to be held in LA from September 21st through October 4th.

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October 8, 2013

Hispanic Caucus Gala in Washington, DC

Last Wednesday, Diego attended the Hispanic Caucus Gala Dinner in Washington, DC. He looked gorgeous in a tuxedo!!!

 photo dc02out13.jpg  photo dc02out13-1.jpg  photo dc02out13-3.jpg  photo dc02out13-4.jpg

More San Sebastián pics and videos

Diego was pretty busy in San Sebastián whether watching all the movies of the official competition whteher presenting the Donostia Award to Hugh Jackman!

He also took sometime to talk to the press.

 photo ss27set13-1.jpg  photo ss27set13-2.jpg  photo ss27set13-6.jpg  photo ss27set13-4.jpg

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