April 28, 2013

Celebrity Soccer Challenge

Diego was one of the celebrities invited to play in a friendly soccer match at the LA Fest on March, 24th. The game was called "Celebrity Soccer Challenge".

Here are some pictures also sent by the amazing Luz Maria:

 photo celebritysoccer7.jpg  photo celebritysoccer5.jpg  photo celebritysoccer8.jpg  photo celebritysoccer10.jpg

 photo celebritysoccer11.jpg  photo celebritysoccer12.jpg  photo celebritysoccer13.jpg  photo celebritysoccer14.jpg

Cesar Chavez Foundation Awards

On March, 21st Diego attended the Cesar Chavez Foundation Awards in Phoenix, Arizona. He showed a piece of his new movie "Chavez" to the audience who enjoyed a lot.

Here are some pictures gently sent to me by my friend Luz Maria:

 photo chavezawards7.jpg  photo chavezawards5.jpg  photo chavezawards4.jpg  photo chavezawards6.jpg

April 23, 2013

"Elysium" press confrence in Cancún

Saturday morning Diego and the rest of the cast attended a press conference to talk about the movie.

Here are some pictures of our boy:

 photo Elysium-pressconference6.jpg  photo Elysium-pressconference2.jpg  photo Elysium-pressconference3.jpg

 photo Elysium-pressconference4.jpg  photo Elysium-pressconference5.jpg  photo Elysium-pressconference1.jpg

Thanks again to the amazing Luz Maria for sending me the pictures! Gracias amiga!

April 21, 2013

Summer of Sony

Sony is presenting its biggest movies for the summer this week in Cancún. "Elysium" is one of them. Diego, Matt Damon, the director Neil Blomkamp, Wagner Moura and Alice Braga were all there yesterday to present the movie to the press.


 photo attachment6.jpg  photo attachment4.jpg  photo attachment2.jpg  photo Summerofsony-1.jpg

 photo Summerofsony-3.jpg  photo attachment1.jpg  photo attachment5.jpg  photo Summerofsony-8.jpg

 photo Summerofsony-6.jpg  photo Summerofsony-7.jpg  photo Summerofsony-9.jpg  photo Summerofsony-10.jpg

Thanks to my amazing friend Luz Maria for the HQ pics!

April 11, 2013

"Elysium" trailer

"Elysium" trailer was released on Tuesday. It looks awesome!

Here is a still of the movie with Diego, Matt Damon and Wagner Moura:

Elysium Still photo elysium-matt-damon-wagner-moura-diego-luna_-1.jpg

April 5, 2013

Operación escape photocall and press junkets

Diego was in Mexico City this Wednesday to promote his new animated movie "Operación escape" (Escape from Planet Earth), in which he plays Gary, an adorable nerd alien.

Here are some pictures of the photocall and press junkets:

 photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape1.jpg  photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape3.jpg  photo DIEGOLUNAoperacionescapeConf3.jpg  photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape4.jpg

 photo DIEGOLUNAoperacionescapeConf1.jpg  photo DIEGOyYAZPIKoperacionescapeConf5.jpg  photo operacionescape1.jpg  photo operacionescape2.jpg

And a video interview, in Spanish:

Thanks to my amazing friend Luz Maria for sending me the HQ pics! Gracias mi amiga!