April 21, 2013

Summer of Sony

Sony is presenting its biggest movies for the summer this week in Cancún. "Elysium" is one of them. Diego, Matt Damon, the director Neil Blomkamp, Wagner Moura and Alice Braga were all there yesterday to present the movie to the press.


 photo attachment6.jpg  photo attachment4.jpg  photo attachment2.jpg  photo Summerofsony-1.jpg

 photo Summerofsony-3.jpg  photo attachment1.jpg  photo attachment5.jpg  photo Summerofsony-8.jpg

 photo Summerofsony-6.jpg  photo Summerofsony-7.jpg  photo Summerofsony-9.jpg  photo Summerofsony-10.jpg

Thanks to my amazing friend Luz Maria for the HQ pics!


Carole said...

Each time i'm troubled with each appearance , and I'm quite happy to see these photos, nice bunch of seventh art, and also troubled , reviewing Alice Braga, that I loved in solo dios sabe! This is a wonderful meeting and I really can't wait to see this film, even in English, Chinese , Czech, with a word on two that I will understand, but with one Diego more and more beautiful, and more most talented !
Thank you for that piece of sunshine , before the summer Cris ! You-are-the-best !

Carole said...

Now , i will correct my spelling mistakes : "troubled" , well I mean "upset". and then , other words a little out of place . But lunatics will always understand themselves better than anyone. I'm lucky , so I can be wrong sometimes with vocabulary, because the bottom of the discourse, is that we are still here , so we love Diego Luna , with or without problem , with or without sun , with or without good English ..... And i made it in an incredible spanish , now (yes yes you don't dream) : jejejeje jeje ....