April 5, 2013

Operación escape photocall and press junkets

Diego was in Mexico City this Wednesday to promote his new animated movie "Operación escape" (Escape from Planet Earth), in which he plays Gary, an adorable nerd alien.

Here are some pictures of the photocall and press junkets:

 photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape1.jpg  photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape3.jpg  photo DIEGOLUNAoperacionescapeConf3.jpg  photo diegolunaoperacioacutenescape4.jpg

 photo DIEGOLUNAoperacionescapeConf1.jpg  photo DIEGOyYAZPIKoperacionescapeConf5.jpg  photo operacionescape1.jpg  photo operacionescape2.jpg

And a video interview, in Spanish:

Thanks to my amazing friend Luz Maria for sending me the HQ pics! Gracias mi amiga!

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Carole said...

Hey i love so much the idea that Diego is involved in this project ! Who else but big kids can give so much to the children? I really love this man .... no no no there is no medicine (yes ?)