April 28, 2013

Celebrity Soccer Challenge

Diego was one of the celebrities invited to play in a friendly soccer match at the LA Fest on March, 24th. The game was called "Celebrity Soccer Challenge".

Here are some pictures also sent by the amazing Luz Maria:

 photo celebritysoccer7.jpg  photo celebritysoccer5.jpg  photo celebritysoccer8.jpg  photo celebritysoccer10.jpg

 photo celebritysoccer11.jpg  photo celebritysoccer12.jpg  photo celebritysoccer13.jpg  photo celebritysoccer14.jpg

1 comment:

Carole said...

I love football !! especially when I look it from afar, and when this is Diego who's hitting the ball. Little riddle girls: guess, Diego or his socks, which I prefer. Mmmmmmmmm? I'm waiting ...

And also i devote myself for the half-time. ... :o)