January 31, 2012

Diego joined "En los zapatos del otro" campaign

A group of well known Mexican actors, including the internationally acclaimed Diego Luna, launched an ad campaign on Monday, that is calling on people in Mexico and elsewhere to empathize with victims of the war on drugs, and to support their struggle for justice and peace. The campaign, called En los Zapatos del Otro or “In Someone Else’s Shoes,” exposes Mexicans to video and radio ads in which professional actors, speaking in the first person, narrate the chilling testimonies of Mexico’s drug war victims and also talk about what the victims feel when they are in a march, seeking justice from government authorities.

Source: Univision news

January 29, 2012

More pictures and videos from Cartagena

Diego talked to the press before presenting "Abel" at the Hay Festival on Friday, Jan. 27.

January 26, 2012

Diego attends the "Hay Festival" in Colombia

He will read Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" today at the festival, which is taking place in Cartagena, Colombia.

Here is an interview with our boy (in spanish):

January 24, 2012

Diego Produces "Miss Bala"

With a title that translates as the punning "Miss Bullet," the Mexican film "Miss Bala" is based in part on the real-life story of a beauty pageant winner who was arrested alongside a drug gang and paraded before the media amid accusations of corruption behind her crown.

It aims to not only be a provocative, thoughtful action film for the art house, looking at the overwhelming problems of the drug-trafficking epidemic in Mexico, but "Miss Bala" also marks an ambitiously bold step forward for director Gerardo Naranjo.

Source / IMDb

“Miss Bala” is Mexico’s official selection for the Oscars and premieres in the U.S. in January 2012. Spanish with English subtitles; 113 minutes.

Actors Stephanie Sigman, Gael Garcia Bernal, director Gerardo Naranjo and actor Diego Luna at the Toronto International Film Festival in September in support of their movie, "Miss Bala." Bernal and Luna produced the movie, but do not star in it. Sigman is the star of the film. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)


Diego named to Sundance 2012 Alumni Advisory Board

Thanks to Cris for this bit of news...

A group of Sundance Institute artist alumni who volunteer their time and voices to share their experiences, and to help tell the Sundance Institute story. These alumni are a range of directors, screenwriters, actors, theatre artists, and musicians who have been a vital part of the indie film and theatre community and Sundance Institute family for years, and now take on an even bigger role as the 2012 Sundance Institute Alumni Advisory Board. Each month we highlight one member of the Alumni Advisory Board on our website.

January 22, 2012

I have no words...


other than "you're welcome".


I created these babies a while ago, but they never get old!

Diego Luna & Katy Perry

I posted this on the old site, but it's worth repeating.

Diego stared in a recent Katy Perry video. Check out the pics of D on set and in the video for "The One That Got Away".

January 20, 2012

Diego promotes "Miss Bala" in the US

Here are three interviews in which Diego talks about "Miss Bala" and how the movie is a reflection of the Mexican society nowadays.

In English:

In Spanish

January 18, 2012

First 2012 pictures

Diego attended a screening of "Miss Bala" at UCLA last Wednesday, January 11.

Here are some pictures of him leaving the university campus after the screening:

Thanks to the amazing Luz Maria for sending us these pics!