January 29, 2012

More pictures and videos from Cartagena

Diego talked to the press before presenting "Abel" at the Hay Festival on Friday, Jan. 27.


Heather said...

I just changed the "comments" setting, so if you have a gmail account or another open ID, you should be able to leave a comment now.

Carole said...

Thank you Heather. My first 3 words .
And Wow . I can't resist to the temptation of honouring this new blog by posting a first comment .
For a Frenchy this site is a little window on an incredible world.

Nooooo (noooo...)especially not to lapse into the bliss , but..
I have so much admiration for "Abel",that I love this interview. There are incredible qualities in this one and only man : interesting , intelligent , sensitive , blablablabla...And the pictures speak for themselves .

I am speechless.
So just 3 words : Thank you Cris .