August 13, 2012

Caravan for peace

Javier Sicilia is a mexican poet whose son was killed during a shooting involving rival groups of drug dealers. He was an innocent bystander. After that, he started a movement called "Movimiento por la Paz y la Justicia" (Movement for Peace and Justice) to bring attention to the consequences of the Mexican government war against the drug cartels. Diego got involved with the movement since its beginning and today in Los Angeles they started a caravan that will end in Washington, DC and whose purpose is to draw the attention of both american government and society for what is happening in Mexico.

Here are some pictures of Diego alongside other mexican celebrities, such as Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñarritu at today's event:


August 12, 2012

Massive Gallery Update

Hola Lunatics! I've been updating the new gallery with some vintage Diego Luna photos.

Check out these cute photo-shoots from past film festivals!

Toronto Film Festival, September 2007

Sundance Film Festival, January 2007

Sundance Film Festival, January 2006

Sundance Film Festival, Utah, January 2002


August 8, 2012

"The Infernal Comedy" Press Conference - March 15, 2012

A while back Cris posted some pics of Diego at a press conference in Mexico City talking about producing a play (The Infernal Comedy) that stars John Malkovich.

Here are some more photos of Diego at that press conference.

And click here for a video (in Spanish)!

Join Diego Luna - Stop Gun Smuggling to Mexico

Similar message en español.

New (old) Diego Pictures

I was surfing the web and found a few pictures of Diego I hadn't seen before. Maybe they are new for you, as well.

I found these first three beauties at GQ Mexico.

I found these last three photos of Diego and Gael here. It says "Gael Garcia told his brother that he was very stressed and Diego didn't hesitate to give him a massage".