August 8, 2012

New (old) Diego Pictures

I was surfing the web and found a few pictures of Diego I hadn't seen before. Maybe they are new for you, as well.

I found these first three beauties at GQ Mexico.

I found these last three photos of Diego and Gael here. It says "Gael Garcia told his brother that he was very stressed and Diego didn't hesitate to give him a massage".


Cris said...

WOW Heat! Thanks for sharing all these pics! I've seen most of them before, but it's always nice to see Diego's face!

Cuore in Blue said...

Just one word: PRECIOUS!!

Cassie said...

Thanks for posting I hadn't seen half of them!! I love the ones of him and GAel and the one of him and Camila *OMG* to be her for just one day :'( lol.
I love those professional shots as well, he is just too handsome!