March 24, 2014

"Cesar Chavez" LA premiere

Last Thursday Diego and the cast of "Cesar Chavez" attended the movie premiere at the Chinese Theater in LA.

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"Cesar Chavez" promotion tour

Diego has been touring the US to promote his new movie "Cesar Chavez". He has been to Harvard, Berkeley, UCLA, UCI, SXSW Festival in Austin, Chicago, New York, Washington, Miami and even to the White House, where President Obama made a joke about not being able to screen "Y tu mama tambien" there due to its not so family-friendly content.

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March 2, 2014

Independent Spirit Awards

Yesterday Diego attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, CA. He presented, alongside Rosario Dawson, the award for best international picture.

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Impact Awards

On Friday, Diego received an Impact Award for his outstanding performance as a director for his new movie "Cesar Chavez". The Impact Awards are given by the hispanic press in the US for latinos who put the community name on a high level.

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Unite 4 good event

Last Thursday, Diego attended Unite 4 Good event in LA. Unite 4 good is a revolutionary global movement that will establish a new standard whereby acts of kindness and service become so valued and celebrated that people make them a part of their daily life.

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Berlin Film Festival

Diego presented his new movie as a director "Cesar Chavez" at the Berlinale.

Here are some pics and videos of our boy in Berlin:

 photo Berlim-12fev14-6jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-7jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-10jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-5jpg.jpg

 photo Berlim-12fev14-9jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-11jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-16jpg.jpg  photo berlim-12fev14-18.jpg

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