March 2, 2014

Berlin Film Festival

Diego presented his new movie as a director "Cesar Chavez" at the Berlinale.

Here are some pics and videos of our boy in Berlin:

 photo Berlim-12fev14-6jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-7jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-10jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-5jpg.jpg

 photo Berlim-12fev14-9jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-11jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-16jpg.jpg  photo berlim-12fev14-18.jpg

 photo Berlim-12fev14-12jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-17jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-14jpg.jpg  photo Berlim-12fev14-13jpg.jpg

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