February 21, 2014

That Rock n Roll, it just won't go away... Sludge be damned!

Hola, mi gente. As much as I love our dear Diguito... I have nearly the same passion for a brilliant English band known as Arctic Monkeys. They took home two Brit Awards a few days ago... Best British Group and Best Album of the Year. Oh, I wish my employer paid me more, cuz I would totally buy the entire population of EARTH this record, if I could afford it. That's how much I love their music. Anyway... the latest crap on the web is that the lead singer (the lovely ALEX TURNER) was drunk when he gave his speeches... but anyone who knows AM, knows that is a load of crap. He's a bit confident, no doubt. But just as well spoken as most of his lyrics. God Save Arctic Monkeys. I'm going to see them in Finsbury Park (London) in May and I can't wait.

Vaya con dios! 'Nuf said. "The Knows!"


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