August 25, 2013

Diego presents Canana's new movie

Last Monday Diego and some of his Canana partners presented their new project, a movie called "Paraiso" (Heaven), directed by Mariana Chenillo. The movie will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this month.

 photo Paraiso-1.jpg  photo Paraiso-2.jpg  photo Paraiso-3.jpg  photo Paraiso-4.jpg

August 9, 2013

"Elysium" premiere pictures and videos

Wednesday night Diego attended Elysium's red carpet in Westwood. He was handsome and so happy!

 photo elysium-premiere-6.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-25.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-22.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-27.jpg

 photo elysium-premiere-29.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-26.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-21.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-28.jpg

 photo elysium-premiere-7.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-11.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-18.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-15.jpg

August 7, 2013

Diego on Huff Post Live

Our amazing boy is pretty busy promoting "Elysium". Yesterday afternoon he visited the Huffington Post studios in LA for a live interview. And he had a haircut! Looking good, Diego, looking really good!

August 6, 2013

Diego on Good Day LA

Today morning Diego visited the Good Day LA studios to talk about "Elysium". He was charming as always!

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Diego teaches Conan how to swear in Spanish

Diego was on Conan last night to promote "Elysium". At some point of the interview, they started talking about how important it will be for Conan to learn how to speak Spanish. Then, Diego taught him some Mexican expressions, like "no mames" and "que pedo". It was hilarious!