August 9, 2013

"Elysium" premiere pictures and videos

Wednesday night Diego attended Elysium's red carpet in Westwood. He was handsome and so happy!

 photo elysium-premiere-6.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-25.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-22.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-27.jpg

 photo elysium-premiere-29.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-26.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-21.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-28.jpg

 photo elysium-premiere-7.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-11.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-18.jpg  photo elysium-premiere-15.jpg

1 comment:

Carole said...

very annoying very annoying .... I feel that this exciting super movie will propel our diego to universal fame, and more people will love him, and finally, the next red carpet will be so full of fans, that I'm going to crush under the weight of the shoes (and you also Cris , if you come with me, bad bad news ..) I am little, I will still find him more difficult to meet him one day. Life is unfair (but looks a little bit Diego .... and suddenly life is unfair, but life is super beautiful :)) ....)
Now , i keep 48 hours to watching again these documents and these films , to understand everything . Poor little french girl with bad english spanish yuk yuk yuk . Life is unfair yes yes yes yes .

Kisses my Cris.