October 24, 2012

Diego will direct, produce and star in a new mini-series

Hello everyone! I'm back from my well deserved vacation! And I got some news for you: Diego will direct, produce and star in a new TV mini-series based on Mario Vargas Llosa's book "Travesuras de la niña mala" (The bad girl in English).

Indiewire has more details:

"In addition to being an excellent actor, Diego Luna has quietly been carving out a directorial career as well, with one feature film under his belt ("Abel") and another on the way (the biopic "Chavez"). However, his next move might his most ambitious yet. Luna is set to direct, produce and star in an adaptation of Nobel Prize-winning author Mario Vargas Llosa's "Travesuras de la niña mala" (or "The Bad Girl" in English). And this won't simply be your standard book-to-movie work, as Luna is taking it to television for a mini-series that will stretch out over twenty-six one-hour episodes. Damn. Of course, we reckon he'll rotate out with some other helmers, but who knows? Maybe he's feeling savvy enough to wear all the hats and do it himself. Certainly, the material is intriguing. Described as a story that has touches of "Vertigo" and "Last Year At Marienbad," the story concerns a translator and his obsession with a girl he met when he was 14 years old, who he continually tries to win over. Here's the book synopsis from Amazon: Ricardo Somocurcio is in love with a bad girl. He loves her as a teenager known as "Lily" in Lima in 1950, when she flits into his life one summer and disappears again without explanation. He loves her still when she reappears as a revolutionary in 1960s Paris, then later as Mrs. Richardson, the wife of a wealthy Englishman, and again as the mistress of a sinister Japanese businessman in Tokyo. However poorly she treats him, he is doomed to worship her. Charting Ricardo's expatriate life through his romances with this shape-shifting woman, Vargas Llosa has created a beguiling, epic romance about the life-altering power of obsession. No word yet on when the tele-novela style show will get underway, who else might join or even if the Mexican television production will find its way north of the border. But we'll be keeping an eye and ear out."

And here is an interview in which Diego talks about his new project(in Spanish):


Carole said...

There are days filled with nothing , and then days like today filled with stars . Firstly Cris , I'm really happy to find you again , we missed us , and pretty happy to resume habits here ! I'm really happy to find Diego again , so you'll understand I'm really happy ! (If you didn't I can eventually say it by singing but you should definitely adjust the sound)
We all know very objectively (éhéhé) that Diego is a surprising man , but your come back is a fireworks ... i expected everything but not such an exciting news for such a clever project ! I love the first words , I think i will love the result ... i can't wait to see the result ! And so , i'm without voice . (you have otherwise a lot of chance , i was ready to sing )

OOp's : Diego rejuvenated on the video , right ? He was so disappeared that i end up asking if he wasn't gone so long to buy botox in Brazil ... or it's the energy of creation (that I hardly hope .. uh believe )

Thank you so much Cris , I'm glad you're back ! (between us , Statue of Liberty sign autographs easily ?)
kisses to you and all of you !

Carole said...

I add in my perfect English (éhé), what a pity that I don't understand anything in Spanish , the video is a little mystery and seems so fascinating. I'll buy a translator (my old Spanish neighbor doesn't translate anything after 3 glasses of tequila)... what a pity , i'll try again .

Carole said...

A day has passed, I slept since yesterday having learned my lessons (pasamé la sal. Que bonito restaurante . Pasamé la mostaza ) No I didn't made a stupid bet , but I'm able to align 20 comments here without realizing . Just for girls ( let's not reductive . And boys ) who are in my case, ie who don't master well English and not Spanish , it's a great misfortune . I wanted to profit from a few days off to read this novel , of which diego will inspire . Suffers love and revolution aaaaaaah i know as me you're tempted . But novel exists only in Spanish . So.... If someone know it in English, French better, I'm interested. (Czech does not interest me, but thank you)
The world is full of internet, progress and planes ... but when it comes to diego, He's always on the other side of the world (I'll put my head in the oven, I come back)

And now , i leave you alone .

Carole said...

Don't move I found it! (Used , it's even better ) I'm ready to communicate the publishers for 3 languages​​, but i think you'll have no trouble finding it (and so many comments to get there ....) I Thank diego for open us the doors on lives that we'll never have. Cris , soon.