July 22, 2012

Casa de mi Padre DVD Captures - Part 1

I got the dvd for Casa de mi Padre. What a funny, odd film. I liked it. I started making some screen captures of Diego.

See the rest of the captures here!


Cris said...

Thank you so much, Heat!Did you like the movie? I can't wait to watch it.

I still can't access the forum. I hope the guys from nabble will fix whatever is causing this problem this week.

Kisses to all!

Cassie said...

Hi Heather!! Thanks for the captures!!
i just watched the movie this week as well and I really liked it. I caught all the jokes and noticed all the funny little "mistakes" that were on purpose in the film.
I think i'm going to get a copy of it as well - I love silly movies that are just for fun and random. helps take the mind off a hard days work lol.

And hi Cris! I hope the forum gets fixed this week as well I'm sure its been very frustrating for you.

Carole said...

Hi girls ,
i'm sorry to hear that you can't access the forum still , Cris . Is it usual for you South american to be deliberatly stuck on internet ?
Hope an unlock today !

Heather thank you for the captures ! I have also succeed to find casa de mi padre" via Amazon , i'm waiting for it this week . The postal delivery to france costs 2 salaries (not quite i'm exaggerating) but it's not expensive to have Diego at home ! (in the living room next to the sofa )
I can't wait to see it in spanish with english subtitle (heeeelp) and I really have the feeling that this film will enter in my top 5 !

See you soon girls !