July 28, 2012

Diego's car breaks down in LA

Last Saturday, Diego had a car trouble in LA. Apparently, his eco-friendly Prius broke down and he had to call for help.

The amazing Luz Maria from camilasodionline.com sent me some pictures of poor Diego and his troubled car:


Cassie said...

awwww! finally the paps got him in LA. I hope his car turned out ok. I hate car troubles - its so distressing sometimes.
He looks cute as usual though :)

Heather said...

No way! I would have gone and picked him up. Screw the 2 hour drive. Diego's worth it! BTW - My mom watched Case de mi Padre with me last night. There were several alcoholic beverages involved during our viewing, but laughed our nalgas off. I love that movie!!!

Carole said...

There are days like today , .... I regret not being at the right place , at the right time . Yes it's true I know nothing about mechanic , and I don't know to change a wheel , but I know to wait for the tow truck . And two is better , especially when the second is Diego Luna . Poor Diego he's so cute , even in despair (But why I am not car repairman in Los Angeles , me ? )
Thank you Cris (by the way of Luz , thank you too , Luz )for this nice paparazzi interlude , a small moment of grace :)

Michelina Douglass said...

Even movie stars are no strangers to car breakdowns and issues. Good thing he got some help from the good people of LA! I do hope that he brought his Prius to the mechanic! A car like that deserves some love and attention. After all, Diego will need a ride while strolling the streets of LA!

-Michelina Douglass

Cody Strub said...

Uh oh, that seems to be a bad break for Diego. Well, it only proves that no one is exempt from being a victim of car failures. It is even visible on his face that he is frustrated. He was probably on his way to something important and his car breaking down is causing unnecessary delays.


Rita said...

Aw. Poor Diego! Car breakdowns and troubles should be the least of his worries. But no one can predict that, so it would be best to keep the number of a trusted mechanic always. :-) [Rita McCall]