December 1, 2012

Hecho en México premiere in LA

Diego attended "Hecho en México" premiere last Monday in LA. Wife Camila was there with him.


Carole said...

Hello Cris , my small opinion of the day : Soon it will snowing in my country and this gazette of Mexico warms the atmosphere !
I'd really like to see one day this documentary , which for once changes the sky of Mexico. By the same way as the planet think Europe is always snowy , we believe in europe that Mexico is riddled with bullets . Daring to recover mexico with lovely real things , this is do justice . If at least here or elsewhere, some precursors could work in such a philanthropist way , we could be proud .
I'm glad to realize , through social networks and Diego's activities , how much the Mexican youth is valued by the culture.
And also I think the days of Diego are calculated in dog years : they should be multiplied by 7. When you work 9 hours, he works 63. I didn't find any other explanation to understand this incredible ability to be everywhere, all the time, and with that smile that gives the impression he comes from a hammam at 60 degrees . Let's say that if artists are equal people , there are more equal than others .
And because the Lunatic has a contemplative nature, it's not always necessary to speak . Don't you think the couple Camila Diego is also very nice ? (I don't cry. This is the snow & cold ... well , I think )

Cris said...

Hi Carole! Thanks a lot for your comment! You're right, Diego is a bit of a workaholic! But that's good for us, isn't it? And yes, Diego and Camila are amazing together. Big kisses!

Carole said...

éhéhé yes yes Cris, workaholic , this is the right word ! And as long he doesn't leave 3 months in rehab' between 2 (pretty) white coats, all the diegoholic will sleeping tranquil (sleeping is it the right word?) Huge kisses!