November 26, 2012

Diego reads "Howl" in Mexico City and Puebla

Diego is presenting "Howl" readings in some Mexican cities these days. Last Wednesday he read the famous poem by Allen Ginsberg at the Helenico Theater in Mexico City.

Here are some pictures and an interview with him after his performance on Wednesday:

On Saturday, Diego read the poem for almost 2.000 people at the Puebla Theater Festival.

Diego also attended an exhibition in honor of his father's career.

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Carole said...

Hi Cris !
it's undoubtedly , in my view , the most beautiful month's publication .

I wanna say that if life reserves us great pains , there are also these mediocre pains , as generated by the idea that Diego will never read anything in some countries., like mine .
I saw all these kind words, and all this effervescence on twitter the day after the prestation . It must be magic , for sure . And it gives this immutable impression , which is that you always belong to a border , looking it from afar.
My duties have taken me to go listening to narratives in the past , but it's interesting ... hum hum hum . You always fall on a kind of mister Chives, with big glasses , without hair , and with check socks . Never a beautiful diego luna full of hair , with check shirt .
We have a chorus in France who say "we don't choose our parents , lalalala laaaaaa (singiiiiing) We don't choose the sidewalks of manila, of Paris or Alger, for learning to walk ....and to be born somewhere " (Okay In French, it's lovely and it rhymes ...) I don't know why. When I see these pictures , I remember of that .

Well . Let's put the head in the oven . No , wait a bit : The chance will perhaps make landing Diego , one day , in our airports.

Meanwhile ... Cris helps us to take the plane without constraints.
And the landscape is ... how do you say in Spanish ? ... sexy ?