November 13, 2012

New pictures of Diego and wife Camila shopping in LA

Diego and Camila were photographed while shopping at a local flea market in LA last Sunday, November 11th. They bought some decorative objects for their house. And, as you can see, Diego helped Camila to try on a vintage dress.

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Carole said...

Every day i bless this site , and today even more .
While scholars of blabla are scratching paper , avoiding spelling mistakes (one cannot check spelling mistakes & at the same time check the reliability of information) these small pics make silence to the rumors past , present , and , my god my god , forthcoming . No no no gentlemen paparazzi , Diego & Camila don't had a third baby recently , either . They simply help themselves with a pushchair , for carry a lamp which doesn't yet know walking .

I'll tell you one thing : To antique old things , to meander on a flea market , between books & stoles , sun & dust , with Diego Luna ... it's certainly that , heaven . And to the devil , the press .

Carole said...

Addition really fascinating :
I do not know why but given these purchases a bit Parisian 30s, i believe that these old objects have found a house for the future filming of diego ...
In any case, if this is not the case, our boy has the taste of old French people (which delights me) yes yes I leave you, if you didn't already asleep reading this. I continue my investigation , with my big antique Magnifying Glass éhéhéhé jeje.. jajajeje ( I have nothing else to do ? But then, not at all!) jejeje ... (translate in French : éhéhé )