November 17, 2012

Baja International Film Festival

I posted on the forum a few weeks ago that Diego was going to be honored at the first Baja International Film Festival, which is being held in Los Cabos, Mexico. The festival ends today and Diego will receive his award at the closing ceremony.

Diego took part in a panel that discussed the challenges of the new Mexican cinema and attended a special screening of "Hecho en Mexico" with wife Camila.


Carole said...

Cris i adore you ! You distribute pages of dream without one need to go to sleep . it saves time . Considerably.
What pride, an award! I wonder if it will remain place to Diego on his mantelpiece , oh how great rewards ! And This meeting should be so great ! And i'm alone at hoooome !
Well . I reserve the fourth picture from the left for my wallpaper (choice : My bedside, my shower curtain) because Diego is really handsome (which is not a scoop)
I also love camila & diego and on yellow carpet, they are so cute , i don't cry it is the onion , And I really love the Camila look ! This is a real girl thing but I'm madly by the small jean jacket(and also by the guy , next to)... I'm delighted to see them again in public so often .
Now here's the riddle of the day: A pretty clever who has pretended to put her dress backwards, sitting in the right place , has crept into this picture. Would know you recognize her ? ("Excuse me madam, let me hide the label, a lady must not disclose her age , nor disclose her size clothing...jeje " aaaaah what a true gentleman )
And the fist journalist who writes that Diego get out of control , I put my hand in his face. (yes I'll take the plane for that. And no need to know Spanish . anger is universal)

Thank you so much Cris ! I can't wait to see the rest ....

Carole said...

I'm not gone yet , yes yes yes. Once again sorry for my approximate English, but between lovers of diego, we understand each other (this, this is also universal, you don't need to be good in geography, diego is in our hearts, and this is always in the same place , the heart)
Love and good weekend to all of you , even journalists (the fiRst journalist ... )