November 19, 2012

Baja Film Festival closing ceremony

Tha Baja International Film Festival ended last Saturday with a big party. Diego received his award for excellence in acting and was really happy about it.

Post updated on November, 26th

Diego had a great time with some other celebs including his BFF Gael Garcia and Edward Norton. Wife Camila was there too.

And here are two interviews: on the first one, Diego's parts start at 4:50 and at 7:55.

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Carole said...

This should be a beautiful speech , no doubt.

This is extraordinary . We were not there . And it's as if we were there (well , almost . The Diego's fan is not capricious ) Anyway girls I reassure you, the table wouldn't have been big enough . Plus , I've nothing to wear ... we console ourselves as we can .
When it rains on sidewalks , when you missed your bus , and that the big truck rolls in puddle right there , in front of , these pictures are the little things that fall from the sky : This party looked nice . Camila is full of colors, Diego is full of stripes (look carefully the shirt) Diego is handsome (he's very tanned ... scoop , I suspect him to sunbathing on his balcony with the geraniums . Gentlemen paparazzi ....)
The reunion between himself and Gael proves that, yes, real men exist , and especially, yes , especially, Diego looks happy (even with this award ... uh ... green) So I say , rainy days like this , I want every day .

I recommend a small stroll in the gallery , filled with other photos (the kind if you want to extend the night) and once again , I thank Cris, who distributes the dream : )

Now we just have to make us a little mojito To forget that diego is at the end of the earth .