September 7, 2012

Ambulante Border Series in Tijuana

Ambulante Border Series started yesterday in Tijuana with a press conference and a panel that discussed the gun trafficking problem in the US-Mexico border.

Here are some pictures and two videos of Diego at yesterday's events:

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Carole said...

Yum yum yum yum yum ....

I'm so glad for having been able to intercept photos & videos before leaving from home , Cris !
Diego Luna rises culture on an international level , & Ambulante is in my view a wonderful clever unique concept .

The video, how to say ? Always this incredible voice . But I didn't understood everything and my old Spanish neighbor came & translate it for me (now he tests my alcohol of cactus how to say him ? )

At last what a pity , if you look closely on the pictures : It remained a little place for us .
What a waste . One day , perhaps .

We were missing Diego , it's good to see him here , & anyway , I hope a long life to this festival full of energy .

Thank you Cris , big hugs to all of you !