September 22, 2012

Diego at Yvonne Venega's Photography Exhibition

Diego and his wife Camila attended Yvonne Venega's (Julieta's twin sister) photography exhibition last Thursday in Mexico City.

Here are some pictures:


Carole said...

I'm back again and I'm very happy to see these 4 beautiful pics on the blog today.
First because I could learn about the work of Yvonne Venegas , who captures beautiful human expressions , as one captures an animal (yes it's beautiful)
Secondly , because we missed Diego & Camila together.
Also because I missed terribly Diego.
This deserves a comment (no no don't fall asleep)

Camila & Diego side by side , are finally such as art photo , in front of art photos , I had forgotten how beautiful they are .
And I take the opportunity to confess that , even if I take the risk of getting tomatoes in my face : I love the haircut of Diego , which is not at all haircut , but I love it (Cris , your opinion ?)

In life , there are those who win the lottery , the one who walks on a big ticket $ 50 , Charlie who finds the golden ticket , and even the one who lunchs once a year , and who finds , this morning , a winning ticket at the bottom of the cereal packet . And in the same register , there is the girl who meets Diego Luna , and of whom he falls in love . Camila is very lucky .

But finally , we too , because not having Diego in our bathroom every morning , Cris you find us such a nice pics for our morning !
So I say that we have also a lot of luck ...

(Without you , we would believe still that Diego dances every night to the Rosa Negra in Cuba oh my god )
Kisses !

Carole said...

I add something my god this is stronger than me : 2nd photo on the left . If Diego continues to look at this lady like that , that's annoying journalists will still be enthusiastic at the idea of inventing yet super stories . End of joke . I love these pictures and I would be on place to visit this exhibition (Ah heck . Diego isn't sold with ?)

Heather said...


Cris said...

Hi girls!

Carole, I laughed so hard when I read your comments! You're so funny! I have to say that I'm not digging his hairstyle, but he is still handsome.

Thanks for the compliments once again!

Big kisses to all!

Carole said...

éhéhéhé...(I translate in spanish jajajaja) to believe that this place inspires me (or Diego or both )
In French, Merci Cris,gros bisous :)