September 13, 2012

New video interviews

Last week, Diego attended the Ambulante Border Festival in Tijuana and San Diego. He talked about the festival with Ann Thompson of Indiewire.

Here is the interview (in English):

On Tuesday, Diego showed his support to his wife at her band's album release party in Mexico City. He took the opportunity to deny the ridiculous rumors that they are splitting up, by saying that the rumors are just that, rumors.

Here is the interview (in Spanish):

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1 comment:

Carole said...

Aaaaaaah . So good to understand Diego , without headaches , with an interesting video in english (because in Spanish you CAN'T both admire and listen to ) ( yes I tried and I ended up eating the box of aspirin)

And aaaaaah . So good to hear that the rumors are just ... rumors .
The journalist is , by definition , supposed to inform us , but also jealous , very jealous of the happiness . Or jealous , very jealous of Diego (and that , it's not good )

So thank you to Cris , who is on this day our small postman of good news .