February 24, 2012

Diego to attend the South Beach Comedy Festival

According to the story below, Diego and other cast members will be at the screening of “Casa de mi Padre" on February 29, at the South Beach Comedy Festival in Miami.

Will Ferrell cameo at South Beach Comedy Festival

Because you can never have too much funny at the South Beach Comedy Festival, a Feb. 29 screening of “Casa de Mi Padre” at the Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach) will include the red-carpet arrivals of its stars, Diego Luna, Genesis Rodriguez and “introducing, Will Ferrell” (pronounced Feh-RELL).

A send-up of every telenovela cliché you can think of, “Casa de mi Padre” opens in theaters nationwide on March 16. The stars of the film are scheduled to arrive on the red carpet at 8 p.m., with the invitation-only screening at 9 p.m.



Cris said...

I hope there will be lots of pictures of him!

Carole said...

I love the movies posters and pictures , They are so vintage !

You're right Cris . We hope and expect the pics of the red carpet (and another) with excitement , and I hope you will be our little "paparazzi" !

So many things on this beginning of the year , it's great !