February 24, 2012

Gael & Diego Attack Social Issues with Genre Fare

A couple years ago there were rumors about Diego acting in a horror film called "Child's Play". Based on the article below from Indiwire, it looks like the project is back, and that Diego will be producing it instead.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna Attacking Social Issues with Genre Fare

A production announcement about a new English-language genre franchise coming from Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna's Mexico-based Canana Films caught my eye this morning for a number of reasons. While the use of genre--and horror, in particular--to attack contemporary social issues isn't new ("Night of the Living Dead" anyone?), I'm particularly intrigued by what's going on in Mexico right now, and Canana, specifically, as they also backed Gerardo Naranjo's narco-thriller "Miss Bala," which is really a thinly veiled scathing indictment of Mexico's culture of violence and superficiality.

The new film is called “Child’s Play,” and according to Variety, stars Vinissa Shaw ("Two Lovers") and Ebon Moss ("Damages") as a husband and his pregnant wife who travel to Mexico for some quiet, only to be attacked by maniacal children. The film will be directed by "Makinov," a mysterious Russian-American who has lived in Mexico and wears a mask and a heavy worker jacket called a Makinov. "Through anonymity I can do anything, tackle any genre and not be afraid to fail," Makinov is quoted as saying, according to the trade.

Canana producer Pablo Cruz told Variety: "Genre allows you a freedom that you don't get when you are telling a story of a country in poverty or the mountain life of two kids."

While it's difficult to know yet how seriously "Child's Play" will address issues of poverty in Mexico, it's certainly coming at time when the Mexican public is embracing highly political filmmaking.


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Carole said...

Wow this is fascinating . And in reality it is terrorizing .
This is another beautiful project .
Diego impresses me for making so many different things , without ever to lapse into the facility ..