February 24, 2012

Candid shots of Diego and family

Adorable, scruffy Dieguito

 Camila Sodi, Diego Luna and their children

Diego going to class with Camila?
I love the MURSE (aka Man Purse). Yeah, I know it's probably Camila's, but you never know.

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Carole said...

Aaaaaah , breath of fresh air ! So many publications today , I come back from vacations , what a great surprise !

Diego is one of those unexplained paradox : Yes ,scruffy ,maybe tired ,not worried about his image and yet ... class and beautiful .
And Camila's bag (certainly..) on the shoulder confirms us the scoop : He's the perfect man .

He would think that i'm wrong , no doubt , but we agree , the perfect man , right ?
Thank you girls !