February 25, 2012

GQ photo shoot with Will Ferrell

Diego did a photo shoot for this month's issue of GQ magazine alongside Will Ferrell and Genesis Rodriguez, his co-stars on "Casa de mi padre".

Here are two small pictures of them looking really funny.


Carole said...

Thank you Cris !
It's very "hidden meaning" , .. how do we say in english ... ironic ? I realize that Diego is perfect in this atmosphere, and It reminds me of the comics !
I'm certainly not the only one to love them !
And anyway ... thank you Cris .

Heather said...

Cute pics. I'll try to hunt down this magazine soon.

Therealdeal said...

The second pick is in the ipad edition, That is my dog in the photo, Will, Diego and Genesis were great with the shoot and animals

Carole said...

Wow . Really ? That's funny .
Your dog doesn't know his luck .
(mmm... do you sell your dog ?)

How did it happen ?

Cris said...

Thanks for sharing this bit of "gossip" with us! Your dog is adorable!

Therealdeal said...

Thank you so much