February 29, 2012

"Casa de mi padre" press junket and interviews in Miami

Diego is promoting "Casa de mi padre" in Miami these days alongside Will Ferrell.

Here are some pics of the press junket and other interviews:

Source: Twitter

And here are two video interviews that are really funny:

Note: According to the Miami Herald, Diego and Will will attend today's friendly match between Mexico and Colombia.


Cassie said...

I love these two videos. I like how Diego helps Will in the first interview to speak Spanish and in the second I love his reaction to the Loudest Whisper game. So cute! He did good I think. lol.

I've searched on the web for videos before and came across one I can't view and it is driving me crazzzyyy!! Its from MTV.com and since I'm in Canada it says I can't view the clip. The interview is from back when they were promoting for Rudo y Cursi. Is there any way to get around it and see the clip? Can anyone else see it and can they somehow rip it and then post it somewhere else? I can't find that clip anywhere else different like on youtube, daily motion or vimeo :(

i'm dying here. lol.

OH - and this is the url to the video i'm talking about.


Diego Luna Loco Webmistress said...

I'm going to try and embed this MTV video you asked about on the site soon. It's really short.