April 25, 2012

Diego visits Televisa

Before yesterday's press conference, Diego and Will Ferrell visited the Televisa studios to promote "Casa de mi padre".

Here are two pictures of them there and a video interview with Diego outside the studios, in which he says that he will never do a telenovela again:


Carole said...

Sorry for the delation of my first message , I made mistakes of language which could have generated a big headache for the one who read ..
Cris , anyway , thanks for search & found those little things for us !
It's funny , Diego in the middle of this scenery a little "kitch" and clean of the TV set .
Just one regret : not to understand a lot the Spanish language .

Why Diego said that he doesn't want to make another telenovela ?

Cris said...

Hi Carole! Telenovelas are usually poor quality entertainment, specially mexican telenovelas. Diego is a movie/theater actor, his acting skills are way better than the ones soap opera actors usually have. I agree with him. He is just too good to work on TV.

Carole said...

Oh,okay ... I didn't know the telenovelas . Yes, it's logic I understand ( So I was right when I said "kitch" , no ?)

Cuore in Blue said...

Diego does not want to be reminded of his past as a soap star, that´s why he won´t do a "telenovela" in the future?