April 15, 2012

Screen Captures from Contraband

Contraband (the movie) is available on iTunes. Woo Hoo!

I made some screen captures of Diego from the movie.

Click here to see them all. **Note there are spoilers!***


Cris said...

Thanks for the captures, Heat! Did you like the movie? I didn't want to see all the pictures because I intend to watch the movie when it premieres here in Brazil.

I'm glad you're back!

Cassie said...

Thanks for all the pics!! i can't wait to see him play a bad guy. I like the pics where it is shots of him on set in that big black coat wearing his headphones. I wonder what music he's listening to? hehe :)

Carole said...

Thanks ! A foretaste very appreciated in France , since you will probably see this movie before me ( France isn't very reactive with our boy ... grrrr)

The most long-awaited movie of the moment about me ! Diego made a miracle , he's reconciled girls with films for very tough guys .
Credible as singer , lover , dancer , thief , gentle thief , cowboy , dealer , gentle dealer .... and each time it's the same :
We expect this film with a slight fever , right ?

Cassie said...

I was just looking at the pics again and started wondering, how much longer till we get more diego action? the next film he is to promote is that elysium/baha dunes movie coming out next year. thats a long wait. :( and right now he's busy starting filming Chavez.
its gonna be a long time!
I'm anxiously awaiting Casa out on DVD, thats something for this summer to look forward to at least :)

Cris said...

Hi Cassie! I know what you mean, but I think we'll have to get used to see less and less Diego on screen. He said a couple of times that directing is his true passion. I think it's such a pitty, because he is a great actor, much better than some actors who get starring roles in Hollywood movies. But who knows, maybe after filming "Chavez" he will do a really awesome movie and we will get to see our boy on the big screen earlier than we expected.


Heather said...

I liked this movie a lot. I like many of the actors in this flick, too. It's a shame Diego's roll was so small. He did a good job. I, also, wish he was on the screen as an actor more often.