April 26, 2012

First pictures of Diego with "Chavez" stars

El Imparcial, a mexican newspaper based in Hermosillo, published in today's edition some pictures of Diego reading "Chavez" script with America Ferrera and Michael Peña, the stars of his new movie.

I also found a picture of Diego in one of the movie's locations:



Cassie said...

I see Diego's wearing his 'directors bandana' in one of the photos up there :). I love when he lets his hair go long when he doesn't have to look a certain way for a part.

Ahhh i hope we see more of him soon!
I finally saw Contraband last weekend and i liked it. I thought gonzalo seemed ok and not as psychotic as they described his character?? I dunno - he was too cute to be a crazy drug lord!! it was hard for me to think of him being such a bad guy, i was like damn he's so goodlooking.:)
but anyways, I liked the movie and may watch it again just for the 5 mins that diegos in it lol.

i hope everyone is doing good and I look forward to more Diego posts!

Carole said...

Wow is it right Cassie ? Diego has not a very big role in this film ? 5 minutes , what a pity , it's not long ..
In all cases , I love the kind "hair in Bandana" , it's cool . The worst is that he doesn't even it on purpose (No !) When some guys spend 8 months in front of the mirror , he just puts a bandana on his head for practical reasons ...an globaly , we are won . It's the same with an old shirt or pant , it works with me every time !(It was the minute beauty of the day )
And when I hear his fans talking about the film , I can't wait the dvd's release . Thanks !

Cassie said...

yes its true - he was basically only in it for 5 mins or so.
and I totally agree - i love how practical he is and carefree with his appearance. I love a guy like that!