May 1, 2012

Pictures and videos of Diego on the set of "Chavez"

"Chavez" shooting started yesterday in Hermosillo and some local newspapers published pictures and videos of Diego in action.

For more pictures click here and here.


Cassie said...

ahhh I'm so glad he wears a bandana instead of slapping a hat over his gorgeous hair :).
lookin good! hopefully see more pics/footage as he continues filming.

Carole said...

"Chavez" sounds great !
Besides the fact that this man is aesthetically pleasing to look at (with his bandana ..) these pics are great because they intrude in his film location , which is rare . for that I thank you Cris , all these finds , this is a gold mine for France !
Once again , not to lapse into the bliss (no no no no noooooooo) , but I feel that Diego is in a natural professional perfection . I complain because we'll see less on the screens , it's true . But in reality , I admit that it's in this role as a producer that I prefer him . Maybe because it's him .
The set of the film is timeless , we love his bandana , and the videos make us forget the rain . So , like Cassie , and everybody no doubt , I'm fan of these publications ! Thank you thank you Cris !

(grrrrr ... why does this man is he married ? No way ... with a very very nice girl )