May 23, 2012

More pictures of Diego on the "Chavez" set and new article

The movie shooting is intense in Hermosillo. According to local newspapers the temperature there is above 40ºC, but Diego, the cast and the crew are working 24/7 to get everything done by July, 1st, when the filming is scheduled to end in Hermosillo to then move to Los Angeles.

Diego shot some scenes at a local Hospital over the weekend. Here are some pics:

Yesterday, he shot some scenes at a univesity gym in Hermosillo:


Carole said...

Thanks for the pics constantly renewed Cris !
40 degrees , Improbable in France ! Here , as soon as the temperature reaches 29 degrees , we are unproductive , we no longer look like to anything , and we are as soft than modeling clay (too bad for me if I meet Diego by chance in Mexico , with 40 degrees ...)
But Diego and 40 degrees , how to say ? ... He's still very pretty .
I bet it's him who makes the temperature soar in reality !

Nevertheless , he must be very tired , and I hope he goes well . Simply . Nothing can stop this man .... this is perhaps what makes his films so human , and believable ....

Cassie said...

40degrees is crazy! :S here on the weekend it reached like 28 and i thought it was hott. I can't imagine 40. no wonder he shaved the beard! How he still wears long pants and long sleeved shirts i dunno. lol.
thanks for the pics!! :D

Cuore in Blue said...

Jesus! 40 degrees?????? WTF, well In Spain this temperature is quite normal in the summer time, especially in the south of the country, where I live, so not a surprise after all.

I agree: Diego raises the temperature.

Thanks a bunch Cris for sharing new pics with us. I love how Diego looks with the red handkerchief over his head. Very hippy!!

Carole said...

yes Cuore in Blue , I had the chance to go to Andalucia several times , it's very very hot ! ( it was the minute weather forecast )
And Oh yes , cassie you're right ... it's 40 degrees and he has not shaved his beard !(my god my god)...