May 25, 2012

Diego Videos

Hola chicas! I just remembered I have a ton of videos of Diego Luna uploaded on various accounts. If you haven't seen them, check them out!

Videos - Part 1
Videos - Part 2
Videos - Part 3

This is one of my favs! Look how young Diego & Gael are. They're in NYC at the premiere for Y Tu Mama Tambien. They are also talking about 9/11, as it had just happened that same year.


Cris said...

Thank you so much for posting the links to your videos! I was looking for some of them on your dailymotion account, but couldn't find them. I love the video you chose to post on the blog. They both look so young! Apparently, Gael is in Hermosillo to follow "Chavez" filming. He is one of the producers. And there is rumor that George Clooney is going to make a cameo on the movie. But it's just a rumor. We will have to wait to see if it's true. Hugs!

Cuore in Blue said...

My goodness!! I´ll need more than a year to see all of your videos Heather!! ...jaja Nooo, I´m just kidding.

They looked so young and so cute (of course they´re still are). I see Diego & Gael as teddy bears, you know, all I want to do is hug them all day long (in Spain we say "achuchar"). But the background noise is so disturbing ...grrrrr

Gael & Diego make a good couple, and compenetrate themselves so well that I loved how they both answered at the same time at the beginning of the video. I liked what they said about Maribel Verdú in "Y tu mamá..." and the experiences of this movie. What beautiful memories they keep!!

This leads me to shout: ¡¡VIVA MÉXICO Y VIVA ESPAÑA!! and as they say, "less violence and more sex".

Thanks so much dear Heather for sharing your videos.

Heather said...

Glad u like. I had to go back into my archives to see where I saved all these vids (especially since utube cut me off years ago). Happy some of you can enjoy Diego's lovliness.

Carole said...

Thank you so much Heather , for sharing these nice things with us , there are so many videos , of all kinds , that I still don't know where to begin . But one thing is for sure is that I'll be pleased to discover , or review them . In reality , there are tons of videos which are unknown to me , I will regale myself ! Thank you !
The one you chose is great because we feel the good complicity that thay will probably have to their last breath . These two are inseparable for sure , even when they are far away from each other . But my choice is made , I just want to kiss Diego ! Gael seems to be a funny boy , and to find these mythic children in the context of the horrors of New York is very interesting , for me . We followed this from a purely political level , here . Thank you a thousand times Heather , for having opened your treasure chest !
I'm also very interested about your small gossip , Cris , regarding a possible appearance of Mister Clooney on "Chavez" . No matter in all case , Diego will always be the brightest of them . And I'm very proud for him . Cris , Heather , thank you for all these gifts . Have a good day ! (I must go , I have thousands of videos to watch , now !)

Carole said...

Sorry , I just wanna add a small something ; Diego has such a baby face an these films , we had forgotten how much , right ? I think that anyway , he has acquired a beautiful physical maturity , since his children . He's beautiful at any age , maybe because he's a good man . A beautiful child , a beautiful daddy .
So long life to this site !

Cuore in Blue said...

"Babyface" (·Sólo Quiero Caminar" comes to my mind right now) is a good nickname for Diego. I´m agree Carole regarding ur last words: he has a beautiful physical appearance, before when he was younger and now, more adult. I like to compare Diego as a boy and Diego as a man, and this can be seen in his filmography from "Y tu mamá..." onwards. It´s really interesting watching his movies in a chronological order, that´s what I´m doing these days.

As for Gael, well, for me I´d have him as a friend, a person with whom have a few drinks and a good conversation in an afternoon. But Diego is much more special, has something that makes him unique and... yes, with a lot of charisma, that´s the key I guess. And I don´t say this because I´m Diego´s admirer (of Gael too); simply it´s true. Let´s call a spade a spade.

Cassie said...

Just want to say thanks so much Heather for sharing your videos! I came home from a long day at work on friday (10 hr shift) and it made my day to check this blog and see your post :)

I do love the video posted as well - I love the Y Tu Mama Tambien era - I love Diego in it so much!! He's so cute then and I think he keeps getting better as he ages. *swoon* :)
he sure is a "baby face" I think and definitely prefer him over Gael (though i do find him good looking too).

I find myself reading interviews from the old page - ones that have been translated to english - and it gets hard b/c Its like torture as i fall more and more in love with him. -sigh-

Heather said...

Cassie, I'm happy you read some of those interviews I translated so long ago. Cris helped me translate may of them as her Spanish is muy mejor than mine. That reminds me, before the old website goes away, I need to transfer a lot of that stuff over to this new blog. It's stuff of Diego that took me years to compile and sort out, and it would be a shame to lose it all. Good thing it's a holiday in the states this weekend (Memorial Day). Think I'll grab a beer (or 6) and start moving my Diego lovliness.


Cassie said...

Oh wow I never though the old page might disappear! I snoop through all the galleries and old interviews and press stuff all the time - it would definitely be a shame to loose it! Especialy the galeries - they are so concise from award shows to press conferences and red carpets and photoshoots etc... you have a gold mine going on!! lol!!!
Well I hope you have a nice memorial day weekend! In canada we had ours last weekend for Victoria day.

Cuore in Blue said...

As you have talked about it, may I make you a question? (I´m quite curious)---> Why the old page is out of service? The forum, for instance, would be a perfect place to reunite and talk and talk about Diego, I think, better as here. Don´t misunderstand me girls, I love this site (if don´t, I wouldn´t be here). What I wanna to say is that the other page was good, with so much information and material about Diego. Why did you decide to move here (from a page to a blog, from a main domain [.com] to a subdomain [.blogspot]?

If you don´t mind, I really want to know. Meanwhile, I'm collecting (only for my personal use) mostly photos and interviews. I deduced that the page could disappear in the near future. It´s better safe than sorry, isn´t it?