May 15, 2012

New pictures of Camila & the kids

TV Notas, a mexican gossip magazine, published today some brand new pictures of Diego's wife and kids. They were pictured having a lot of fun in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, earlier this month. Camila's mother, Ernestina, and sister, Marina, were also there. Diego couldn't make it because he was in Hermosillo filming "Chavez".

Jeronimo and Fiona are really big now and soooo cute! And Camila looks amazing for a mother of two!


Carole said...

There are days like today in which I bless this site to exist , because we have no gossip on the Luna family in our kiosks . Camila has this common point with Diego : the one to never take the pose on the photos , and remains amazingly beautiful , without ever caring !
Have you noticed that Jeronimo is a small clone of Diego ? The resemblance is incredible !
Thank you Cris for this sample of happiness .

Cris said...

Hi Carole! I agree with you. Jeronimo looks a lot like his father! And, in my opinion, Fiona is Camila's clone!

Carole said...

Yes it's true ! Jeronimo & Fiona side by side , it's a bit Diego & Camila who would have shrunk in washing ! They are too cute !

Cassie said...

Aww these pics are cute! Camila is stunning thats for sure!! i love her long brown hair.
and I agree about the kids so cute - little clones! :) I think Jeronimo looks like diego a lot but I do think he got camillas smile.

Cuore in Blue said...

What a beautiful family Diego has! He´s a lucky man for having such a nice woman in his life and two little angels as kids. In fact God blessed him.

And it´s true. Jeronimo and Diego are like two drops of water!!