May 29, 2012

"Chavez" filming is going on full throttle in Hermosillo

Despite the high temperatures, Diego and the actors are working intensively on the "Chavez" set. Yesterday, they shot some scenes at the Hermosillo airport until late hours of the night. At the afternoon, Diego and Wes Bentley filmed some scenes on a parking lot.

Here are two articles with pictures of Diego and Wes on the movie set:


Carole said...

Thank you for so many articles Cris ! (I don't know how you do , but you do it well !)

I try to understand the sense of these clippings , and I love the pics ! As you say so well , Cris , Gael needs also a haircut asap !
Me , I think he stole the whole living room carpet for having such a mustache !
And more seriously , I have the intuition that this film will be great (enough to take our boys to the Cannes Film Festival next year ? Pray , I hope so !!!!)

Carole said...

No , seriously , Gael stole all carpets of mexico to have such hairs , I'm a little scared .