May 26, 2012

Gael, John Malkovich and possibly George Clooney will make a cameo on "Chavez"

Yesterday, I mentioned on my comment over Heat's latest post that Gael was in Hermosillo to follow "Chavez" filming, once he is one of the producers. But he is more than that: he will make a cameo on the movie and yesterday he shot his first scenes. In a press conference, Diego said that he is expecting John Malkovich and his friend Jesus Ochoa to join them in Hermosillo in the next few days. And there is a good chance that George Clooney will make an appearance on the movie as well, but Diego didn't confirm this information.

UPDATE: May 27, 2012

Here are five articles about Gael's first day on the movie set:

UPDATE: May 28, 2012

Video interview with Diego on the film set:

Same interview but in a different angle:

And here are two more pics of Diego on the set:

After a long day of work, Diego and Gael attended Calle 13's concert in Hermosillo and took some pictures with René Perez (vocalist) and Ismael Cancel (drummer):


Carole said...

Sorry for my first deletion , trouble of language (surprised ?) ...
Anyway , Wow ,this is great ! Even if his talent is undeniable to many of us , there is a French expression which one could say "Diego has entered in the great's playground " , I don't know how you see in English ...
I'm very proud and very happy for him !!
The last 3 pictures are amazing , they give a large smile ! I love them !
I really feel that Diego is blossom , right now , and that he really makes what he has always dreamed to do , fundamentally . And it makes me feel good !
Hey girls , I love him even more with his white and blue bandana , it's better with his complexion (It was the minute of aesthetic & beauty )
Thank you Cris , it's a real happiness . I can't wait to see more !

Cassie said...

I have to agree I'm liking the blue bandana Carole!! :) He looks so hott!! lol.

I didn't even recognize Gael at first with that little mustache - its cool he's doing a part in the film.

Can I been annoying and ask for a brief translation of what Diego says in the video clip? I wish I knew spanish!!

but anyways thanks for finding these great pics and videos, Cris. :)

Buenos noche! hehe

Carole said...

Hola everybody !..

It's weird , because yesterday when I left my comment , the video & the last 3 pics which are visible today didn't appear . So I find the video that day .
Indeed Cassie , the fate doesn't want that we understand Diego (cruel world) , and I'm not going fast enough , with my small dictionary , either . The first word that I am looking for , and he has already finished the interview (Oh my god , don't think that I really do that ... éhéhé)
In reality , I will be also annoying , and ask for a small rapid translation of the video's main line , because the sequence with Diego sounds funny . (Oddly , I understand some words of the TV presenter , but it's not him that I want !)
And indeed , Gael with the little mustache is very cute . Without mockery (because he's really cute , and I hate mockery ) he looks like a beautiful mexican vendor of watermelons (I will buy the whole truck ) or a naughty bandit , and the mustache suits him well ! (but nothing's any good , I prefer our boy ...)
Buenas dia Cassie !
I wish a good sunday to everybody .

Cris said...

Hi girls! Carole, I added the video and 3 new pictures after your comment. So, don't worry. There's nothing wrong with your computer! Regarding what Diego said on the interview, the journalists asked him about Gael's role and said that he was really cute with the mustache. Diego answered that he couldn't say what part Gael's is playing on the movie and that he is indeed very cute with the mustache. After that they asked him about other actors who maybe joining them in Hermosillo. Diego said that he is expecting his friend Jesus "Choby" Ochoa, who is an Hermosillo native, and John Malkovich to join them in the next few days. And one journalists asked Diego about George Clooney. Diego laughed and the journalists said that his laughter is a confirmation of George Clooney's cameo on the movie. And then Diego said that he didn't say anything and that they still have 4 weeks of filming in Sonora. I hope I was able to help you girls. Kisses!

Carole said...

Aaah Cris , we knew , finally that there were something interesting with the mustache of Gael !
Yes , for me the translation is perfect , we give you doubly work because of our broken spanish , so thank you very much , very much !
Kisses !

Cassie said...

Thanks very much for the translation!! i've not been able to read those written articles so at least this video could be described and I appreciate that. :) I'm excited for the movie!! I think its cool George might be in it.

Cuore in Blue said...

Gael with a moustache? This would be very funny. I loved how Diego told about Gael´s moustache, with almost a whisper, in a very low tone of voice as if he pretended to say "it´s a secret, don´t tell to anybody".... jajajaja ... Diego says that Gael is cute and handsome with his moustache. I insist: it´ll be funny to see it.

Anyway, I´m happy Cris translated some Diego´s lines. You know I can translate (more & less) too, don´t know if as good as Cris did, but I always do my best. My girls, it´s a crime (I´d say) not to know Spanish if you admire a Latin and/or Spanish artist (Diego in our case). You are losing so beautiful things about him (he and his career). It´s worth learning for that reason, don´t you think?.

Of course the fact of supporting an idol goes beyond languages, but you leave behind nice things that a dictionary cannot bring you.Besides, listening to this man in his mother tongue, with that hot Mexican accent is priceless!!

Thanks for the videos & pics. Have I already told you that I love how Diego looks with his handkerchief over his head?

Kisses, hugs & cookies from Spain.
((Sorry for the deleted message))

Carole said...

Hello , I hope that everybody is fine !
Oh , well maybe you're right about the barrier of language , Cuore in Blue , I don't know ...
It's difficult to realize , when you have only one way of understanding things , since always . There are a thousand ways to love the world . It's weird to say that , but it'll be like a person who doesn't see , and who multiplies the senses , how to explain ? I don't know what Cassie thinks about it , or people who are in our case . Myself , I love this artist for 7 years , and it's pretty easy (especially when I'm fully awake)
I believe that the simple fact of not speaking spanish would be especially annoying if I was brought to meet Diego for real (wow , yahooo!) (you come to have a photo , you reparts with a potato ...) It would be difficult to exchange some spontaneity , we would oblige to replace the existential conversations with other things (...)
And there are magicians people (as Cris , for example ) who transform complicated things in easy things .
The topic is interesting , I'm concious that certainly we miss things , yes . But art & love are 2universal things , it's a miraaacle !
Yes Diego is very special , and sometimes , I confess , I shall dream of listening to him , and watching him at the same time , without leaving with a headache . It'll be good to relax with his relax voice , yes you're lucky girls !

And if you didn't fall asleep with my long blabla (I'm sorry) , thank you so much .
Big big kisses !

Cassie said...

I can honestly say that i do feel like im' missing out not knowing spanish! :( but I'm quite interested in learning it and even found an online site that looks like it would be a good starting tool to learn! :)
I definitely wish I could understand it now but I still watch the spanish interviews regardless just to hear his (sexy) voice and see his expressions/mannerisms ;)
I always save english interviews that I find though! I love the one on Youtube that is the Distinguished Leture Series on Latin American Arts and Culture at USC in California!! A whole hour and a half of Diego speaking English!! It is one of my favorites :). I even ripped it and put it on my Ipod. lol.
and as I mentioned before, I totally appreciate the articles translated from the old page. I read through them from time to time and its a great way to get to know him more. I love the Quien magazine interview from the 2007 section. its sucha good interview.

Carole said...

I agree , it's not a problem in itself . English is also a "salvation" , and there are tons of documents found in english.
And this site helped me a lot , it's very accessible .
I'm okay Cassie , listen to him in Spanish is fun , it's true that he has lots of facial expressions that are personal .
I also add that Spanish is a latin language , sometimes I understand the meaning of a dialogue with our rapprochants French words .
It was interesting to know what you think , also Cassie !
We don't end up to love him , then !