May 15, 2012

Newspapers articles about "Chavez"

Hermosillo's newspapers have been closely following Diego and the movie shooting.

Here are some articles about "Chavez":


Cuore in Blue said...

Great! In Spanish... It´s good to read about Diego in the same language he speaks. Well, a little bit in English, too. But I´m very proud we both speak the same language. The only thing that separate us is a big ocean in between. It´s a wonder that no language barriers occur.

Thanks a bunch for sharing the material Cris.

Carole said...

Yes , what great advantage of being hyspanique , when you love Diego Luna !
Let's say that it's easier , articles , videos ,(restaurant , alone together ..) all these things , if you don't speak spanish , seems complicated . When I go in vacations in Spain , you seems to talk so fast ! But the accent is so beautiful , it reminds of the sun! When you don't speak spanish , and that you listen to this cute man speaking , it's the apotheosis . Not only you understand nothing , but it's magnificent ! ( It serves me right , I would not have to sit near the radiator during the Spanish classes )
Girls , you have a lot of chances to have Spanish as a native tongue , it's useful , it's beautiful, you can be proud !
Cuore in Blue you're right ,I think that the ocean is one the most beautiful thing of the world , but here , in this case , it bother us .

Carole said...

And please sorry for my mistakes of conjugation , english isn't innate either (it's not tomorrow that I'll have a summit meeting with our man ..)

Cuore in Blue said...

Carole, you´re right. For me, obviously, reading articles in spanish about Diego and watching videos when he talks in his mother tongue is wonderful, I really like his Mexican slang and accent, so different from the Spanish people, believe me. Do Spaniards really speak so fast according to you? Well, Americans speak faster, I´d say. But Diego´s English accent is clean, pure and very nice for me. I completely understand him when he speaks in fluent English, which on the other hand I´m jealous because my English when speaking is poor, not as much as my writing.

Otherwise, I like what you said about Spanish language which reminds you a sun. How poetic words!! I wouldn´t know what to say about your native French, I don´t have the pleasure of speaking it and I´ve never been to France.

See ya girls !! (Lunáticas)

Cris said...

Hi girls! Carole is indeed a poet, Cuore in blue! And I agree with her. Spaniards speak too fast, at least in Barcelona and Madrid. I understand Latin America spanish much better, specially the mexican accent (what a surprise!). But I think the same thing happens everywhere. A lot of people complain that we brazilians speak too fast. And portuguese is a very difficult language to understand. We just don't realize it, because it's so natural to us. And I apologize for my English and Spanish writing mistakes, because I speak better than I write. Saludos chicas!

Carole said...

It's funny , as Cuore in Blue , I understand Diego when he speaks English , which is reassuring , because otherwise I would not have high chances to understand anything with this man . Let's say that it's the language which could save me !(....)
As regards the French , they are supposed to have an accent a bit "uptight" , it's also a bit what one say about the english people . But here the accent varies from one region to another . In reality , Cris , I'd love to write in English with your facilities , I don't feel that you make mistakes ! And Cuore in Blue I also feel that you easily know this language ! But finally , the errors aren't important , Diego brings together the 4 corners of the planet on a same tone , and this is what is wonderful ! ( nooo it's not poetry , but you're nice !)

Bisous , Salut les filles !

Cuore in Blue said...

You know what Carole? The beauty of multicultural scenario that we breath here is priceless. I mean, you are from France, Cris from Brazil and I from Spain, 3 different countries with 3 different languages too. No matter what we speak or in which place of the globe we´re writing, the fact of admiring a film star, Diego Luna in our case, join people around the world and all become one. Suddenly, all of us speak the same thing: the admiration and love for Diego. And this is a so enriching experience in my view.

Ups, I missed a bit, but do you understand, right?

¡¡ Besos y abrazos niñas!!

Carole said...

Yes , it's a very nice way to sum up the thing !
Starting also from the idea that other many people come here every day , from other countries probably , I think about a funny thing . I don't know how you , or Cris , or even Cassie , and many people yet , are calling this cohabitation & exchanges between students from around the world . Ourselves , we call this "l'auberge espagnole " ! (literally Spanish hostel - Spanish inn ) It's a French expression for a place in which cultures are mixed together in good humor . I think it's a beautiful coincidence , and I think that Diego loves this idea of diversity .
At last , again , I thank Eather & Cris for having open the door of this lovely "auberge espagnole" .
The door is never locked , and it's a bit a small refuge .
(and you noticed that I'm very talkative...)

Kisses , Dear Lunatics ! (to talk about Diego , let's be reassured )