May 2, 2012

"Chavez" press conference in Hermosillo

Diego, Michael Peña and Sonora's governor Guillermo Padrés held a press conference today in Hermosillo to mark the beginning of "Chavez" filming.

Earlier today, Variety reported that Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games) and Michael Cudlitz (Southland), among others, are joinning the already pretty impressive cast.


Carole said...

Yahooo ! these pictures presage a good day ! I got up for 2 hours , between coffee & croissant , and I discover them . No time to watch the videos , I keep them for tonight , but I leave for work with light hearted ! (seriously considering to give me a pretty wallpaper with the smile of Diego , the ninth , from the top on the left ... no ?)

Carole said...

I have a small question , maybe it has been announced , but I may have missed it : Please do you know how long diego will be on his film shooting ? ...

Cris said...

Hi Carole!

According to some news articles, the filming in Sonora will last 8 weeks. Then they will have two more weeks of shooting in L.A.

And I agree with you! Some of these pics would make a really good wallpaper!

Have you noticed that Diego has one gray hair on his beard?! Just one! Our boy is getting old... but to me he is like wine, the older the better!

Carole said...

OOoooh my god . A white hair .
Well Cris , the truth comes out : it is therefore so long that we love this boy ?!
But you're right ( good new ) the myth doesn't collapse .
I will choose a photo on which there isn't this blasted white hair , for my wallpaper . OoOooh my god .

Thank you Cris for the accuracy (I mean the lenght of the shooting of the film , of course ) Soon !

Cassie said...

wow I didn't notice the white hair till now!! crazy cuz he's only 32 right?? If he keeps up with the beard he will look just like his dad someday. :)

thanks for adding more pics and the video! I search for stuff on him but can never find clips like that lol.

Carole there are lots of great pics of Diego on the old page in the gallery. His smile is one of the best thats for sure.

Carole said...

Hi Cassie !

Thank you for your little advice , yes I love visiting the gallery , it's a small treasure chest , you're right (the most beautiful smile is there , indeed )

I'm like you , I can spend hours searching on internet , and I go back empty-handed , or with photos which have 20 years old !
Cris is smashing , she always finds thousands of exclusive pics & infos , I don't know how she does , I admire her for that ! (I suspect her to be a small paparazzi , in secret )

And she has a good eye ! Yes , this little white hair éhéhé . But I say that that if he looks like his dad soon , as you said , that's good ! As long as he doesn't look like Santa Claus and his big white beard .... (although , with Diego , it's a little bit Christmas every day !)
Cassie , soon !