April 17, 2012

New pictures of Diego with fans and paparazzi video with his dad

Diego is in Mexico these days to work on "Chavez" pre-production.

Some lucky fans got to meet him and wanted to share their pictures with our boy on twitter:

And here is a paparazzi video of Diego picking his dad up at LAX:

I don't know when this video was taken.


Carole said...

I love them ! These pictures makes me happy , since in general , the photos of Diego & his fans are , among others , my favorites ! With rainy days like today , a ray of sunlight . Thank you Cris .

Carole said...

I saw the little video which I wasn't able to see this morning (I don't know why , magic of my computer no doubt ) and I thank you for having found this small treasure : We see rarely his daddy , it's a pity . He looks so gentle , and have a class !! ( normal : Diego's daddy ! )
A small video touchingly simple .

A second ray of sunshine .

Cassie said...

I really like this video. I think it shows diego being really nice with the fans coming up for pics and stuff - even though he's with his dad and probably wouldn't have wanted to be disturbed - but he was patient anyways, and kind.
i'm so glad he's nice!! lol :)

Heather said...

Great video! I think I'd die if I saw Diego in the airport. And I've been thru 3 airports in the last couple of days (vacation in Canada) and flying to Phoenix tomorrow. Thanks for all the lovely posts, Cris!

Carole said...

Indeed Eather , I realize that if , like you , I often walked across the airports , I would open my eyes to see him ( So , Moreover , probably I shall miss my airplane )
One only word : Good luck Eather & good vibes ! (because why not ?)