March 1, 2012

"Casa de mi padre" Miami premiere

Diego attended the "Casa de mi padre" premiere at the Colony Theatre in Miami last night. Here are some pics:


Carole said...

Thank you for all these findings . It's a lovely surprise . Well... Diego alone , we're already charmed . But Diego with his costume ... wait wait , I'm searching for my words .... (it's hot here,suddenly,right ?)

I love the interviews , Cris . Thank you .

Carole said...

Sorry .. when I say "costume" , how do you say in english ... I would like to say "suit" . That's better , right ?

Cris said...

Hi Carole! Yes, it is suit. And he does look good in a suit, but I'm not digging the hair. He should have a haircut ASAP!

Carole said...

Yes Cris , but what a strange thing : I think he's charismatic with his long hair (mmm ... mysteries of passion ...)

Of course , I'll be worried when he will makes braids .

(I love this film promotion !)

Cassie said...

Hello, I just want to drop in and say hello and thankyou for the postings and this blog! I visit every day for updates.
I'm a kinda new Diego fan - known of him for a while (i've had havana nights in my movie collection since it came out) but as life went on I lost track of him until the Katy Perry video where I noticed him and realized he was Javier! lol!
What a handsome man he is and I've been obsessed ever since. I have caught up with movies i missed him in too. I am loving this promotion for CDMP.

Anyways, I will be sticking around! I love this page (and the old one you transitioned from.).


Cris said...

Hi Cassie! Welcome to our blog! Thanks for your kind words!