March 11, 2012

Guadalajara Film Festival 27

Diego and Camila attended the Guadalajara Film Fest FICG27 ~ March 10, 2012 - Jalisco, Mexico

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Here's a blurb from

Rough translation:

Recalling the Festival Fondly
"I've come for many years. Come to be a festival mascot; I remember when it was a National Cinema festival. I came when I was about 17, I had to be in Veracruz Hall and had the most memorable festival that my work has given me," recalled Diego Luna, who releases "Casa de mi Padre" in two weeks and will begin filming a new project. "It's a chance to celebrate our profession, our film-making, which at that time I did theater for a tiny niche and it gives me great satisfaction knowing I am part of it, to have the opportunity to meet my friends, to embrace and serve a meeting point, because film is very solitary."

Also, here is a video (in Spanish) at the festival.


Cris said...

Thanks for the pic and the video, Heat.

Luz Maria has uploaded lots of pics from yesterday's event at her Camila's page.

Carole said...

Yes and as I always said on twitter , lovely lovely red carpet el festival de Guadalajara .
Thanks for everything (it is a small journey elsewhere ..)