March 11, 2012

More Pics from South Beach Comedy Festival

Will Ferrell, Genesis Rodriguez and Diego Luna at the South Beach Comedy Festival in Miami, for a screening of their film, "Casa de mi Padre", on Feb. 29.

Diego with Angélica María


Cris said...

Thanks for the pics, Heat! I have more pictures that I hope I'll be able to upload this week. I'm without internet at home due to the amazing phone company that we have here.

Carole said...

Aaaaah grrrr , firstly , I reassure you Cris , we have also wonderful & amazing phone company here (if we need anything , we can call them ) so good luck with your line , sincerely , since we miss you !

Thanks for all these little treasures !
I will spend part of my evening watching all these new things .

And I will sleep well ..