March 14, 2012

Diego on Jimmy Kimmel

Diego made a special appearance during Will Ferrell's interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Here is the hilarious video:


Carole said...

Cris you're back it's great !
Thank you , it's really droll , and I really think now that Diego is fundamentally someone very very funny (but then ... this man has not a single flaw ?)

For this video , I thank you from all my heart...[...salad eyes water ] I don't speak english either , but you noticed since a long time .)

I hope there will be other funny films like this one . This promotion is a godsend (and also your marvelous reactive phone company)

Heather said...

Great video. Diego's so cute!

Carole said...

I saw again this video .
It makes me want to add that in reality , I discover Will Ferrell throught this promotion . We don't know too much him in France . I'm delighted , he seems also to be a good , funny and interesting man .
The duo with Diego is perfect .

I hope this film will show us as good surprises .

Cassie said...

Thanks for posting!!
That was awesome! Diego was so great and funny. He can do comedy no problem. I love when he smacks that horse. I feel bad he has only had a bit part on the episode and not a real interview. I mean, he and Gael were both on Jimmy Fallon in 2009 for Rudo y cursi. I have been wondering if they were going to do any more american night talk shows but so far none. Except this apearance.... but next week Kimmel is having Gael on!!
So what gives?
oh well.
This was still awesome. I think it shows that he and Will are pretty good friends - i'm sure Will asked him to come and do a bit with him. :)

I also want to add that I found this video the other night and maybe it can be posted to the blog b/c its pretty funny. I don't know where else to put it as I don't think the forums on the old diego page get used much anymore or frequented as much.

Here is the link! :)
Spanish Slang with Will, Diego and Genesis.