March 27, 2012

New pictures of Diego and wife Camila

Here are some new pictures of Diego walking around Mexico City with his wife Camila:



Cassie said...

awww :)
I like Camila's hair and floral shirt. She's so pretty its not even funny.. such a lucky girl!

Carole said...

Yes , she's so lovely (lucky), I love his kind of style . It sounds the summer . You're right Cassie , a lovely lucky girl.
Glamourous family !

Carole said...

Okay , I came back on these photos , I can't help it (Nice to look at )

Mmmmm... Let's looking for a little flaw , I don't know , something ...No,I don't see . Oh yes , maybe : The big tree behind her , it is all drab . In Camila , no no sorry , but I don't see (grrr)
Fortunately , she also looks like the kindness (and the summer)

So thanks Cris , for all these pics .

Gina said...

Can't believe little Diego is a married man! I remember him as a teenager in La Vida en el Espejo when I was living in Mexico. He was just bursting with talent, so it's no surprise that he has done so well.

Bravo Diego!

Cris said...

Welcome to our blog, Gina!

Diego is not only a married man. He is the father of two beautiful kids, Jeronimo and Fiona.

Hope you'll keep visiting us!