March 22, 2012

Diego at the Oritel Awards in Miami

Oritel (The International Telethons Organization) is an association of Latin American countries which seeks improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, by means of exchanging experiences among its different entities, through financial and technical support for the development of its projects. Diego visited a children's hospital last year that is kept by the Telethon in Mexico City and decided to take part on this praiseworthy effort to help disable kids.

Here are some pics of him at the awards last night in Miami:


Carole said...

This man is very busy I'm impressed . No chance to meet him on the beach for a siesta (too bad)..
Always as cute , tired at the airport , or in photo pose with the ladies . He certainly fell into a cauldron full of charisma , when he was a little boy .

Thank you for all these little treasures , and these revelations , Cris .

Carole said...

I would add : Let us not be entertained by this charism (No We are not puerile girls)
I want to salute the philanthropy and commitments of Diego . Supporting the children is certainly one of the most beautiful thing . (diego fell into a cauldron full of kindness & empathy , when he was a little boy)